Mountain Cat Technology

Untangling your technology problems!


Coming to your home or business to solve your technology needs.

I am a librarian and someone who has spent their entire life working with, building, and repairing computers and other technology for over two decades. MCT will come to your home or business, and for a small fee, help you build a computer, fix your existing one, help you create a home network, or solve any other technology need you may have.

We make solving technology:
Easy. Quick. Affordable.


How to Talk to Us:

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What We Can Help With:

computer diagnosis and repair

We can help with your computer needs, be it software, hardware, or both. We will diagnose your computer, find the issue, provide a reasonable estimate, and then repair on-site if possible, or bring it to the shop for repair and deliver right back to you!


We can help with software related smartphone issues, and also assist users in the intricacies of the modern device. We can help transfer pictures from your phone to your computer, sync external accounts to your phone, repair email related issues, and help install and maintain apps on your device. We also can help you with storage issues, and other common smartphone software problems.

computer custom builds

We can custom building a computer for any purpose or need. We have built many computers for gaming, video processing, office use, or personal web use. We will do everything from helping you pick the right parts for your budget, choose the appropriate operating system, and build it right here at the shop and set it up in your home.

in home network setup and planning

With all of the connected technology that exists you need to make sure you have a strong wireless backbone to support them all. We will help you plan for and install this backbone, including modems, routers, and extenders, to provide wireless connectivity for your entire home or business.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C. Clarke